David Trask for School Board

TraskHeadWPI want to contribute to our excellent school system through service on the Poudre School District Board. We have a district of strong schools which offer students and parents a wide variety of learning environments. We need to ensure our resources are spread equitably across our school district. We all want our schools to prepare students to walk the new career paths of 21st century life.

In teaching 35 years of history courses at community colleges I observed programs for career exploration in middle school, arranged a “college for high school seniors” program, and negotiated transfer agreements between two and four year colleges. As an elected member of the Council of the American Historical Association I worked on the Teaching Committee with representatives from K-12, community colleges, liberal arts schools and research universities. This gave me a better understanding of how different levels of schooling mesh with one another.

I attended small town public schools in South Dakota, Wyoming and Kansas before enrolling in a church-related college in the South. After completing grad school at the University of Nebraska with a Ph. D. in History, I taught at technical community colleges in South and North Carolina. I’ve been married to Suzanne for 31 years. We are really proud of our 3 children and 3 grandchildren.